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Need quality death metal fast, press...

Netherbird -Lyrics 2004-2019 book


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A 70 page hardbound lyric book. Approx size 16×24 cm

Swedish symphonic, melodic and gothic black metal act Netherbird was founded in 2004. With roots firmly rooted in the old Scandinavian metal legacy the band combines death, black, heavy and even hints of doom metal into their own distinctive soundscape. This 2019 published lyric book features lyric material written between during their first 15 years meaning that we have lyrics from the albums The Ghost Collector (2008), Monumnet Black Colossal (2010), The Ferocious Tides Of Fate (2013), the Grander Voyage (2016), Hymns From Realms Yonder (2017) and Into The Vast Uncharted (2019)

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