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Next Waste Dimension -Signal To Noise cd


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2011 the industrial death metal band Next Waste Dimension, from Deventer in Holland, decided to call it a day. First they wanted to release a final album and some final gigs. Their last album, Signal To Noise, is a nice end as their are some rigorous stump numbers such as Under Strain which is an industrial high-voltage tune after the Fear Factory formula. Then we have tracks that has more aggression and leaves the synths in the background. Overall the album reaches a very high level and its a pity they decided to break up when Netherlands is a country with very few industrial death metal bands. I think the band did go out with a bang

Track list:
1. Unspoken
2. Ode To Revolution
3. Under Strain
4. Closure
5. Deepwater Horizon
6. Radio Moscow
7. Sigma XI
8. Distrust
9. Streets On Fire

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Architects Of Tomorrows End

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