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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds ‎–LSO London 2008 dvd


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Rare dvd in digipak cover

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds released their 14th studio album Dig, Lazarus, Dig in 2008 and received a high level of critical acclaim.Inspired by the biblical story of the resurrection of Lazarus of Bethany by Jesus Christ, the album continued the punk and garage rock-inspired arrangements that were explored on the debut Grinderman album, resulting in what NME termed a “gothic psycho-sexual apocalypse”. The group then embarked on a North American and European tour is support of the album, with a seven-piece line-up that did not include Johnston, who had left the group after the album’s completion, this would also be the last tour to feature founding member Mick Harvey, who left the Bad Seeds in 2009, This dvd features a recording from the LSO St. Luke’s in London on the 30th of June 2008. Taking the stage backed by the Bad Seeds – seven strong this time around — the 51-year-old looked muscled and rabid as he kicked off his set with a couple of songs from his latest effort Dig Lazarus Dig. Adapting some of the themes from Lazarus, Cave had his Jesus-by-way-of-Jim-Morrison swagger going from the get go. With the backbeat being filled out by two, sometimes three drummers (Thomas Wydler, Jim Sclavunos and long time Cave collaborator Mick Harvey), the band had a pulsing urgency that complimented Cave’s take no prisoner’s agenda. Adding to the visual was longtime Seed Warren Ellis (late of the Dirty Three) who looked like a Charlie Manson clone, and played the violin like he had designs on electro shocking the sold out crowd. For the most part throughout the set, he avoided making revisionist history in favour of sticking with newer material as well as songs from his side project, Grinderman. All the same, it was amazing to watch him skulking around the stage, pulling away at a beaten guitar or sitting down for a mournful piano ballad. Anyone who questions the viability of music made by artists who’ve outlived whatever supposed expiration date has been assigned to them, hasn’t paid close enough attention to Cave’s output. Sure, there’s been others who’ve hung on as long as him – the members of Sonic Youth are all in their 50s and can rock a stage, but their music hasn’t really gone anywhere; and Iggy Pop (probably one of Cave’s biggest influences), pushing sixty himself, destroyed the Fillmore last year, but hasn’t made a good record in over thirty years — few have made artistic strides as interesting as Cave, who has continued to make mangled, compelling art, without ever stopping to consider the commercial implications. Full round renaissance man, ladies man and death merchant, Nick Cave has never gotten old and probably never will.

Track list:
1. Dig, Lazarus, Dig
2. Red Right Hand
3. Midnight Man
4. Deanna
5. God Is In The House
6. Todays Lesson
7. Get Ready For Love
8. The Lyre Of Orpheus
9. The Ship Song
10. The Mercy Seat
11. We Call Upon The Author
12. Stagger Lee

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