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Nifelheim -Servants Of Darkness pic disc


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2018 picture disc release in cover with insert

Servants Of Darkness is the third full-length from Nifelheim. This album will probably put you in a state of shock. This record rocks like the devil fucking a flamethrower while careening down an iced mountain in a Greyhound bus. Slayer, Iron, Maiden, Bathory, Venom and all these glorious eastern metal bands, it’s all mixed into one giant bag here. The playing is tight and militant, the vocals are scathing as razors and the production is tight as a drum. I’d even say that these guys are what Venom would have been had they went to music school and actually worshipped Satan! Marching…evil…deadly…these boys really DO have it all. These third album shows us that Nifelheim are among the elite of the genre. A must have.

Track listing:
1. Evil Blasphemies
2. Sadistic Blood Massacre
3. Black Evil
4. Bestial Avenger
5. War Of Doom (Armageddon)
6. Servants Of Darkness
7. Infernal Desolation
8. Into The Morbid Black
9. Sacrifice To The Lord Of Darkness

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