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Night Prowler -No Escape lp [purple]


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Purple vinyl with poster, patch, insert, sticker and postcard

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Night Prowler was formed in 2017 and since the beginning, the band was influenced by the iron-clad likes of Saxon, Dokken, Iron Maiden, Running Wild, and Demon among many others: essentially, traditional heavy metal in excelsis. This is a band that avoid the modern conveniences of the digital world, working like bands did, ages ago. No Escape is like a lost relic from 1986 or thereabouts. This debut album presents 10 tracks unified in their fight for metal.

Track list:
1. Runner 97t
2. Make It Real
3. Never Surrender
4. Night Prowler
5. Out In The Streets
6. The Witches Curse
7. Love Hard Girls
8. Burning Desire
9. No Escape
10. Stranger

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Dying Victims Productions

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DVP 174

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