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Nightbringer – Tracks From Rex Ex Ordine Throni cdR [promo]


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From the wicked mountains of Colorado comes Nightbringer. They present excellent twisted, complex, sinister and intense black metal with an emphasis on tremolo picked melodies, morbid harmonies and many times untypical arrangements. The production is clear and powerful, yet a bit rougher than on their later full-length albums. The material is also more straightforward than their later material, yet definitely not an easy listen. The untypical arrangements are a factor that gives Nightbringer their own sound. These four tracks twist and turn, sneak up on you treacherously and catch you off guard. It’s not predictable stuff at all and may even sound chaotic and incoherent to some due to the length of most of the songs. Nevertheless, I like this band’s style of composing a lot and think it’s a real pleasure to hear something like this. Just like on the debut full-length, there is a certain hugeness to the music and it sounds like the band are trying to go beyond with their music. They aren’t just playing, they’re also channelling some kind of evil powers through their music.

Track list:
1. The Void
2. Mors Philosphorum
3. The Dark And The Silence
4. Vir Sapiens Dominitibar Astris

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