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Nihil dlp


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Double album with gatefold cover with two inserts. Limited 1000 copies

A compilation album from the Swedish dark ambient/industrial label Cold Meat Industry with some interesting acts from their rooster at the time. First out is the industrial / power-electronics act IRM from Norrköping, then comes Institut from Malmo, featuring Lirim Cajani and Johanna Rosenqvist, and their wide interest for noise and harsch electronic music has created some power electronic tracks. Side three features some metallic noise from Gothenburg created by Daniel Wihlstrand and his one man project Nod. The 6 last tracks were recorded in the summer of 1999 by Sharons Last Party featuring Johan Adolphi, Martin Bladh and Tim Pettersson. If youre into Industrial music then this is for you. The misanthropic Nihil compilation is the perfect soundtrack to the grey and rainy autumn days.

Track list:
1. IRM -The Cult Of The Young Man
2. IRM -Kill The Blind
3. IRM -Strictly Platonic
4. IRM -Noose Of Silver
5. IRM -Euphoria
6. Institut -Autohypocrisy
7. Institut -No<->W<->Here
8. Nod -Emerald-Eyes And A Ruby Smile
9. Nod -The Girl And The Giant
10. Nod -About Myself And I
11. Nod -Another Great Time
12. Nod -And In The Beginning There Was An End
13. Sharon’s Last Party -When Love Came To Your House
14. Sharon’s Last Party -Dogs Rotten Job
15. Sharon’s Last Party -A Lovely Place
16. Sharon’s Last Party -Never Learned To Love You
17. Sharon’s Last Party -Love Never Ends
18. Sharon’s Last Party -I Will Not

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