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Nihilist -Carnal Leftovers MC [5 cassette box]


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Limited cassette box featuring Nihilist singles and demos as well as Entombed’s But Life Goes On demo on cassette. The box also features a massive booklet, a metal pin, poster and numbered certificate. Limited 500 numbered copies

Nihilist would end up being known more as the prototype for Swedish death metal legends Entombed, but in 1988, the young group played some of the most extreme music ever, taking cues from Venom as well as Napalm Death in forming a sound that would eventually become legendary. This luxurious Nihilist cassette box set includes all studio recordings of the legendary pre-Entombed band

Cassette 1: Premature Autopsy 1988 demo
1. Sentenced To Death
2. Supposed To Rot
3. Carnal Leftovers

Cassette 2: Only Shreds Remain 1989 demo
1. Abnormally Deceased
2. Revel In Flesh
3. Face Of Evil

Cassette 3: Drowned 1989 single
1. Severe Burns
2. When Life Has Ceased

Cassette 4: Radiation Sickness 1992 demo
1. Radiation Sickness
2. Face Of Evil
3. Morbid Devourment

Cassette 5: Entombed -But Life Goes On 1989 demo
1. But Life Goes On
2. Shreds Of Flesh
3. Truth Beyond

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