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Nihilist -Live At Björksätragården 7″


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Black vinyl with poster insert. Limited 300 copies

Very few bands have left such an impact on extreme metal with so little material than Nihilist. They existed for a little less than two years and during that period, they managed to record overall only eight songs, spread over three roughly-made-no-budget demos. They were kids too – guitar player Alex Hellid for instance was fifteen when they did their debut demo, Premature Autopsy. Nihilist also did a bunch of shows. But most of them were done in squats or youth centre with barely a PA system you could speak of and to a handful of people only, most of them close friends and allies ready to start off their own too. Luckily, one of those gigs were immortalized by one of those lucky attendees, resulting in the first ever official Nihilist live EP, a quarter of a century later. Warning: we’re talking about a rough-as-fuck document here, captured on the spot with a small recording device held right in the middle of the pit, with slammers flying left and right, bootleg-quality. But do not underestimate this EP gigantic historical importance. This was recorded in Björksätragården in Bredäng nearby Stockholm on April 7th 1989, just weeks before the band would enter the Sunlight studio to commit to tape their final recording as Nihilist the Drowned demo, with Treblinka (pre-Tiamat) and Dismember also on the bill. Included are Supposed To Rot, Morbid Devourment, When Life Has Ceased and Revel In Flesh, four out of the nine tracks performed that evening. The choice has been made not to cut out some of the in-between songs banters, to stay in that moment. But what will probably come as a surprise to some is how BRUTAL the band already sounded back there, as they were about to be reborn as Entombed and basically write death-metal history. Besides a faithful reproduction of the gig poster, an original drawing by the band’s de facto leader and mastermind Nicke Andersson, to make the whole thing even more special, an unpublished, two pages interview done with actually Nicke for Grinder zine done in the mid-00’s, is included as an insert.

Track list:
1. Suppose To Rot
2. Morbid Devourement
3. When Life Has Ceased
4. Revel In Flesh

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