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Nirvana -Outcesticide 3 The Final Solution cd


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This is an excellent compilation disc that is equal in rarity to the previous two disc in the series. The majority of the tracks are unreleased and this third volume features some early material. The Outcesticide series has a reputation as a pioneer in releasing unsurfaced Nirvana recordings. Te third volume is an excellent disc to pick up. It contains songs of varying sound quality, but all the recordings are listenable. Opinions on the disc vary widely. Some collectors feel that the album is the best in the Outcesticide series, while others feel that the rare early recordings of poorer sound quality detract from the disc. Volume 3 contains some of the rarest of the rarities. Tracks 20-22 are of lesser sound quality than what is typical of the Outcesticide series because they are the only recordings available of a particular song. This is an excellent compilation disc for collectors and contains a number of tracks found on only a few other discs. Outcesticide III was released in late 1995. This compilation album won’t overlap any compilation discs you already have, so it should fit nicely into most any collection

Track list:
1. Rape Me-French TV 2/4/94
2. Pennyroyal Tea-French TV 2/4/94
3. Drain You-French TV 2/4/94
4. Marigold-Daves Pocketwatch demo 12/90
5. Dive-Hanau, Germany 11/18/89
6. Mr. Moustache-Reciprocal Studio 06/88
7. Blandest-Reciprocal Studio 6/11/88
8. Even In His Youth-Music Source Studio 9/89
9. Polly-Music Source Studio 9/89
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit-MTV 1/10/92
11. Serve The Servants-Italian TV 2/23/94
12. Dumb-Italian TV 2/23/94
13. Tourette’s-Reading Festival 8/30/92
14. Aneurysm-Seattle 11/25/90
15. Oh, The Guilt-Seattle 11/25/90
16. Dive-Dutch Radio 11/1/89
17. About A Girl-Dutch Radio 11/1/89
18. The Money Will Roll Right In-Fang cover-Reading Festival 8/30/92
19. Verse Chorus Verse-Seattle 11/25/90
20. Curmudgeon-the only known live version-Gent, Belgium 11/23/91
21. High On The Hog-Tad cover-Mezzago, Italy 11/26/89 Kurt singing with TAD
22. Raunchola-Tacoma, WA 12/14/87
23. Beans-short version-4 track recording 1988

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