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Nirvana -Outcesticide 5 Disintegration cd


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This is an excellent compilation disc that is equal in quality to the previous four disc in the series. The majority of the tracks are unreleased and the sound quality is superb. The Outcesticide series has a reputation as a pioneer in releasing unsurfaced Nirvana recordings. Tracks 1-3 are lifted off of the common and brilliant ‘Love Buzz’ disc, and are pretty decent. Tracks 4-10 are another matter entirely. They are plagued with significant and horrible tape hiss, as well as a high-end that is so pronounced it becomes painful at times! That really ruins a bunch of amazing performances, especially the (arguably) greatest ever performance of ‘Molly’s Lips’. Tracks 10-19 are absolutely amazing in their quality and historical value; anyone who hasn’t heard ‘White Lace & Strange’ is missing out on one of the most underrated songs Nirvana ever performed. Kurt’s guitar work reached heights it never would after 1992, and the performance is extremely energetic. Tracks 20-22 are fun, even though 22 has surfaced in better quality elsewhere. This compilation album won’t overlap any compilation discs you already have, so it should fit nicely into most any collection

Track list:
1. Asking For It
2. Love Buzz
3. Verse Chorus Verse/In His Hands
4. Lithium
5. Rape Me
6. On A Plain
7. Stain
8. School
9. Molly’s Lips
10. Aneurysm
11. Love Buzz
12. Floyd The Barber
13. Downer
14. Mexican Seafood
15. White Lace And Strange
16. Spank Thru
17. Anorexorcist
18. Hairspray Queen
19. Pen Cap Chew
20. More Than A Feeling
21. My Best Friends Girl
22. You Know You’re Right/Autopilot

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