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Nitehawks ‎–Vendetta cd


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Vendetta is the debut album from Nitehawks from Ravenna in Italy. Vendetta is pretty good, dead on, classic heavy metal, definitely leaning to the speed and power metal side. There’s plenty of melody, groove, and kick ass guitar solos. Actually, before exploring the history and personnel of the band, I expected Nitehawks, with the guitar harmony, to be a five man operation with a rhythm/second lead player. Nope. Mike Petrone delivers both harmonious rhythm and blazing guitars. For the vocals, Frank Macri has a strong clean voice, trying to stay melodic, but does get screamo at times. As for the songs, their pacing in particular, most every song here has the gallop of power. Into The Wild starts it, title track keeps it going, and songs like Dynamite and Blackout In Paradise intensify it, notably with the brash riffs and deep bottom end. Alternatively, there’s a slight, very slight, dial back in speed with Rocketman. Yet this song is a good example of how the rock groove informs Nitehawks heavy metal. Also, it represents one of the best vocal arrangements, especially in the catchy chorus. Similar is the following Never Let You Go, a song that defines heavy metal with a hard rock groove: head bangin, toe-tapping, and melodic with a memorable refrain. Fundamentally, Nitehawks Vendetta is on target as solid, ambitious, and entertaining classic and melodic heavy power metal. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a short period of time.

Track list:
1. Into The Wild
2. Vendetta
3. Nitehawks
4. Dynamite
5. Rocketman
6. Never Let You Go
7. Blackout In Paradise
8. Looking For Trouble
9. Suite 95

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