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Nitro -Lethal Dose cd


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Heavy metal act Nitro was formed in Bellafonte, Pennsylvania in 1980 the band were Dana Confer on vocals, John Hazel (guitar), Tim Wilson (drums) and Brad Gensimore (bass). The band got financial help from the drummers father Fred Wilson to record and releases a private pressed 10’ vinyl with 5 tracks. Belgian label Mausoluem liked what they heard and released this 5-tracker with 2 bonus track as a vinyl lp under the Lethal II title (because of two bonus tracks). Then in 2013 came finally the ultimate anthology of Nitro. The Lethal Dose album includes all tracks from mentioned EP and LP, and 9 previously unreleased studio tracks from the 80s.

Track listing:
1. Breakin Out
2. Ready
3. Magic
4. Deadline
5. Night Owl
6. Nothin To Miss
7. When the Lights Go Out
8. All For Love
9. Face The Fire
10. Good Lovin
11. Ragged Edges
12. Saddle Sore
13. Sticks And Stones
14. Take Me
15. Trying To Survive
16. Youngblood

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