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No Return –The Curse Within lp


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Black vinyl

No Return from Paris, France has been playing for almost three decades with their death thrash and the music on The Curse Within, their 2017 album, sound very much like their previous albums. Highly melodic songwriting and a thrashy edge in the riffs. The tracks fly by at a confident mid-to-high tempo, featuring a strong medium-pitch growl and frantic fretwork following a Helloween recipe. Melodic death metal with some thrash riffs is what they serve. You can place their style in a bit thrashier Dark Tranquillity corner if you want a comparison. What might be the most impressive is that the band still sounds like a pack of enthusiastic young wolves, but with the experience of three decades in the music business backing their compositions, The Curse Within is a solid, lightly digestible piece of nostalgic melodic death.

Track list:
1. Inhale
2. The Will To Stand Up
3. The Crimson Rider
4. Despise Your Heroes
5. To the Dark Side Of The Sun
6. Just Passing Through
7. Memories Turns To Ashes
8. My Last Words
9. Stare At My Reflection
10. Serpents Curse

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