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No Solution -A Step To Nowhere 7″


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Reduced price due to small stains on cover

Rare original 1989 private pressing with lyric insert

No Solution was a Swedish hardcore act with members from Karlshamn and Asarum. The band were at the time Mikael Idi Svenssson (later in Setback), Martin Eriksson (Dead Youth, Sedlighetsroteln), Thomas Strömberg. Ulf Flu Olsson (Death Youth, Setback), Matsson and Ubbe on vocals. Their one and only single was a private released independent release in 1989. The called the release Flu Records after bass player Flu’s nickname. However nothing else was released on that label and it was then re-released with new cover artwork and new title on Underground Records in 1990. The single was distributed by the Swedish label Chickenbrain Records.

Track list:
1. Faceless Men
2. Fools Of 89
3. Your Brain Is Dead
4. Young Of Today
5. Fascists

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Flu Records

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NS 1