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Nocturnal – Arrival Of The Carnivore


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The roots of Nocturnal go back into the year 1997 where a band called Bestial Desecration recorded their first demo. To make a long story short, Bestial desecration split up in 2000 and the only founding member renamed the band into Nocturnal. The Aim was still like from the beginning to play Riff based old school Thrash. After a couple of demos and single they recorded this the first album. Great artwork by Kris Verwimp. Especially for 80s German thrash fans. With guest appearrance by Blumi from Metal inquisitor and Metalucifer. Track listing: 1. Coven of darkness 2. Temples of sin 3. Satanic oath 4. Preventive war 5. Burn this town 6. War of spirits 7. Merciless murder 8. Nuclear strike 9. Victorious night 10. Awakening the curse of souls

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