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Nocturnal Breed ‎–The Whiskey Tapes cd [german version]


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This here is one of those releases that the band describe as ‘for the fans’, the die hard fans describe as ‘rare and unreleased’ and the rest of us describe as an ‘odds n sods’ collection. The Whiskey Tapes features a bunch of covers and unreleased songs which are basically mostly demos and remixes of Nocturnal Breed songs. This band are damned good at what they do; fast, tight with some excellent varied vocals and a real old school heavy metal influence to their ripping blackthrash.

Track list:
1. Intro – Splinter-Day-video intro Fields Of Rot-German excclusve
2. Metal Church-Metal Church cover
3. I’m Alive-original keyboard version-Wasp cover
4. Miss Misery-Nazareth cover
5. Evil Dead-Death cover
6. Under The Blade-alternate mix-Twisted Sister cover
7. Ballcusher-raw mix-Wasp cover
8. Metal Thrashing Mad-experimental mix-Anthrax cover
9. Dead Dominions (The Hour Of Death Is At Hand)-short edit
10. Killernecro-Ubernecro version
11. Barbed Wire Death-demo 1998
12. No Retreat… No Surrender-speed metal legions version
13. Rape The Angels-rehearsal September 1997
14. Maggot Master-experimental studio demo-German exclusive
15. The Artillery Command-alternate mix-German exclusive
16. Alcoholic Rites-experimental studio raw mix-German exclusive

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