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Nokturnal Mortum -The Taste Of Victory cd


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2016 press in digibook with mini poster

After leaving us with the barbaric battering of Nechrist, Nokturnal Mortum went silent for a few years. All we received was a compilation of earlier recordings and a bunch of rereleases with swastikas plastered over the signature logo. However in 2003, the band decided to offer us a little sneak peak of what would become the rebirth of Nokturnal Mortum. And boy was it ever different. Whereas “the bottom end” didn’t exist on Nechrist, the bass is up front and center on The Taste Of Victory. Rather than a blistering assault of blast beats and shrieks, this EP is much tamer; taking more from the folk side rather than black metal. The EP sounds crystal clear; each instrument careens through the mix without competing for a chance in the spotlight. Given the sheer rawness of Nechrist, it’s nice to be able to hear everything without much difficulty. The first three tracks are ones that would soon appear on the band’s fourth full length release Мировоззрение (and later Weltanschauung). While both of the aforementioned albums have slightly different mixes, The Taste Of Victory has a different one entirely. The 2004 and 2005 are a bit harsher and more abrasive in comparison to this one, which ultimately causes the tracks to lose a bit of their momentum. The Taste of Victory would eventually become the 12 minute epic that would close the band’s fourth album, and this early version may not carry the same amount of “punch” that the album version would, but this is a small complaint. As the Steel Eagle into Golden Svarga clocks in at a whopping 15 minutes; officially making it the longest Nokturnal Mortum track to date. It was recorded with intention of appearing on a split with Polish band Wojnar that never happened, so it was placed here. That’s not to say it was shoehorned is, as it actually fits quite well with the other music. Sounding like a spiritual successor to Return of the Vampire Lord, this song serves as a “goodbye” of sorts to the old Nokturnal Mortum, and hints at the new folkier direction that the band would pursue. It’s an excellent track and really makes this EP worth checking out, more so than the other material. Overall, The Taste of Victory’s purpose is to serve as a taste of what was to come the following year.

Track list:
1. Weltanschauung
2. The New Era Of Swords
3. The Taste Of Victory
4. As The Steel Eagle Into Golden Svarga

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