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Norden Light ‎–Shadows From The Wilderness lp [original]


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Original Sonet 1987 press

The 80s metal scene was not only about American and British bands. Most countries had important bands that would take their place on the international scene, for Sweden it was bands like Europe, Treat, 220 Volt and Silver Mountain that took the world by storm. However several underground bands also released great albums at the time. One of those melodic metal jewels were Shadows From The Wilderness by Norden Light. Norden Light was Christer Mentzer’s (formerly Silver Mountain’s front-man) new project that unfortunately only survived for one year. There are no fancy neo-classical guitar solos or other complex riffs. The music runs in similar tempos and the keyboards are used to create an atmosphere and the end result is a satisfying melodic hardrock album topped with Mentzer’s impressive voice. Brilliant melodic heavy metal that fans of AOR should love

Track list:
1. It Hurts
2. Shadows
3. Night Life
4. Aspen
5. Dancer
6. Save Me
7. Crossfire
8. No Escape
9. Legends
10. Daytime Loser

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