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Nordic Metal A Tribute To Euronymous MC


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German pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with black and white label. Limited 500 numbered copies. Comes with extra booklet and patch

‘So what you are looking at now is not another ‘compilation’, but a testimony, if you will, to the one man who singlehandle revived the ‘New Age Of Black Metal’ in Norway’. This is the statement with which Paul Typhon Thind prologues this legendary compilation that was released some years ago by Necropolis records. Originally this ‘Tribute To Euronymous’ was going to be released as a compilation of Scandinavian black metal bands, to which (compilation) Euronymous himself (as ironic as it may sound today) has greatly contributed. It was an era where things were pure, black metal had not become so popular and the bands were striving for recognition. So Euronymous and Typhon prepared what turned to become Euronymous’s own requiem, a collection of rare and exclusive tracks coming from legendary (nowadays) Scandinavian bands like: Mayhem, Emperor, Dissection, Marduk, Arcturus, Enslaved, Ophthalamia, Thorns, Mortiis and Mysticum. By all means this compilation is even today remarkable and the 15 tracks that are included bring back memories of what black metal once was.

Track list:
1. Abruptum -De Profundis Mors Vas Consumet
2. Mayhem -The Freezing Moon
3. Dissection -Where Dead Angels Lie
4. Emperor -Moon Over Kara-Shehr
5. Mysticum -Kingdom Comes
6. Marduk -Untrodden Paths (Wolves, Pt. 2)
7. Thorns -Aerie Descends
8. Mayhem -Pagan Fears
9. Dissection -Elizabeth Bathori
10. Ophthalamia -Deathcrush
11. Enslaved -Loke
12. Arcturus -Rodt Og Svart
13. Mysticum -In Your Grave
14. Emperor -The Ancient Queen
15. Mortiis -Unreleased Outro

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