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Nordjevel –Fenriir mlp [clear]


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Clear vinyl. Limited 100 copies

Starting off with a killer debut in 2015, Nordjevel entered the black metal scene like a freezing storm and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Founded by Doedsadmiral, the band has changed the line-up several times, but ended on the previous album Necrogenesis up with the mighty line-up that is Nordjevel today. Bass player DzeptiCunt (ex-Ragnarok), Valla (Vredehammer, ex-Abbath), Destructhor (ex-Morbid Angel, Myrkskog) and Dominator (ex-Dark Funeral), in few years, the band and their audience has grown fast. The 2021 EP, Fenriir, based upon the poem called Fenriir, features music and lyrics by Nordjevel, except Fallen Angel, which was originally performed and written by Possessed. Fenriir keeps the Norwegian black metal music dcene fresh and alive. For all fans of Black Metal and if you haven’t heard any of there work already then go and check them out for yourself… you won’t be disappointed.

Track list:
1. Fenriir
2. Gnawing The Bones
3. Rovdyr
4. Fallen Angel-Possessed cover
5. Det Ror Og Ror-live at Brutal assault 2019

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