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Not Fragile -Yesterdays Heroes cd


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After more than twenty years in the business Not Fragile, and six years away from the stage returned in 2003 with a gig at the Headbanger Ballroom in Hamburg during May of 2002. The band was well received and bounced back with the ‘Yesterday’s Hero’ album in 2003. This album includes some metalized cover versions of bands like Motorhead, Slade, Sweet, Bay City Rollers, Brian Conelly and new remixes of some old Not Fragile tracks. New man on the drums was Matthias Messfeldt, a veteran of Dezibel Zero, Skullcrusher and Mortox. Splendid German metal that should please fans of Walls Of Jericho era Helloween, Stormwarrior and old Running Wild

Track listing:
1. With All My Might
2. Too Fast
3. Immortal Legions
4. Locomotive-Motorhead cover
5. We’ll Bring The House Down-Slade cover
6. The Six Teens-Sweet cover
7. Blood On The Land
8. Made Of Metal
9. Thanks For The Memory-Slade cover
10. Hypnotized-Brian Conolly cover
11. Cheltenham
12. Turn It Down-Sweet cover
13. Hard To Be Alive
14. Yesterday’s Hero-Bay City Rollers cover

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