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Nothing Sacred –Leviathan mcd


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Nothing Sacred, for the unitiated, were a heavy metal group from Melbourne, Australia, who existed for the most part of the 1980s. Their music, although is getting harder to find today, still has a pretty widespread cult following in Australia and some parts of the world. Some members of Nothing Sacred later joined the early line-up of Aussie thrash legends Hobbs Angel Of Death. The band’s first studio release, the Deathwish EP, was released in 1985. In short, the band have a very strong melodic metal sound, unfortunately tainted by production issues. Without using too many genre categorisations, the music is too heavy to be called power metal, but too melodic to be called thrash. Their 2023 EP Leviathan is a blend of new and older songs. The new ones are mostly inspired by the Ukrainian war, supporting both citizens of Ukraine and Russia. Leviathan is a hard punching metal EP with plenty of riffs, killer solos, and big melodies. Music they wanted to make right now, plus the combination of riffs and lyrics feels like it belongs to this time and place.

Track list:
1. Leviathan
2. Drone
3. Guardian
4. Sirmegma
5. Sudden Death
6. Drone-trance remix

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