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Notwithstanding ‎–Born In A Conflict MC


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Official Turkish licensed pressed cassette on Yucel Muzik. Yucel was a small underground cassette label that released 21 cassettes between 1998 and 2001, before calling it a day. Clear cassette with grey text

Notwithstanding was formed in 1997 in İzmir, one of the biggest city of Turkey, to perform an original sound by the combinations of thrash metal, hardcore and modern metal with the inspirations of their Turkish musical culture. Their debut album ‘Born In A Conflict’ was released in June 1999 and sold in an amazingly amount of 1600 copies all over Turkey and the band was hailed as one of the most successful new bands that had come out of Turkey for the last few years. The band performed some of the biggest metal festival in their home country like Ankara Rock Music Festival 2001, Eskisehir Anatolian University Rock Music Festival 2000 and 2001, Ege University Youth Music Festivals 2000 and 2001, Youth Festival 2000, Antalya Rock-ı Bar Metal Festival 2005 and Rock İstanbul Festival in 2005. The band were also featured on TV and radio and in November of 2000 the played the biggest metal festival in Turkey named Rock-Station Festival with one of the most popular German Thrash Metal band Destruction and got positive review from Rock Hard’ magazine for their live performance. In March, 21, 2004, they played with another German thrash metal giant Sodom in Rock-Station Festival and then playing with Megadeth in 2005. The band are still going strong and are more known as just NWS today. This however is where it all started. Born In A Casket is for those who wants to explore Turkish metal or like their thrash and metalcore brutal and aggressive

Track list:
1. World Of
2. Search In A Truth
3. Feedback
4. The Rightest One
5. Broken Heart
6. Game Over
7. Someone Else
8. Game Of Misery
9. I Know
10. Forced

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