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Nox Illunis -In Sideris Penumbra cd


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The first full-length album generated by the Italian black metal band Nox Illunis. The album features seven tracks for more than 45 mins of sidereal black metal featuring fast blasting moments melted with melancholic slow atmospheres and screaming vocals. The lyrics deal with dark feelings and suffered states of consciousness and are inspired by the eternal darkness of cosmic infinity. The album starts with a soft, slow guitar quickly shifting into inanely fast, razor sharp black metal. Not a band to fuck around, In Sideris Penumbra is definitely a straight forward melodic black metal, with what seems like progressive death metal, and thrash influences. The songs are a bit in the longish range, with most of them seven minutes or longer, and not a single one of them are filler. Emotionally charged and emotion-changing, Nox Illunis are a fucking fantastic band, and I definitely recommend you get this amazing gem of an album.

Track listing:
1. Echoes in the Abyss
2. Ira Sommersa
3. Asylum of Dead Memories
4. The Last Rising Sun
5. Darkness of the Soul
6. The Death-Fires Danced at Night
7. Evoking the Stars

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