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Nunslaughter -Hate Your God cd


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Nunslaughter was formed in 1987 and can be seen as one of the pioneers of the American death metal underground movement. Hate Your God includes their 2002 rehearsal demo that was recorded in Mother Marys Vagina rehearsal studio. The original demo was only released in 66 copies. Re-released in 2003 by TPL records

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. The Crowned And Conquering Hag
3. The Dead Plague
4. Power Of Darkness
5. The Fucking Witch
6. Midnight Mass
7. Emperor In Hell
8. Sacrificial Zombie
9. I Saw Your God Die
In The Graveyard
10. As The Cacodemons Feast
11. Burning Away
12. Satanic Slut
13. Altar Of The Dead
14. Burn In Hell
15. I Am Death
16. Angelhunt
17. Killed By The Cross
19. Bring Me The Head Of God
20. Ritual Of Darkness
21. Nunslaughter
22. Atheist Ways

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TPL 013