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Oasis –Our Generation dvd


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On September 29th 2002 Oasis played the forth and final night at the Yoyogi Taiikukan in Toyko, Japan, as part of their 2002 Heathen Chemistry World Tour. After the opening track Fuckin In The Bushes came Hello. And the opening bars was enough to understand that all the classic moments would come from the first two albums. Tracks like Live Forever, Morning Glory, and the truly classic Don’t Look Back In Anger shone out like beacons. Last single, Stop Crying Your Heart Out was received in a way which suggests that it is heading towards classic status. The highlights? An unexpected Some Might Say and hearing thousand of people singing Wonderwall as one.

Track list:
1. Fuckin In The Bushes
2. Hello
3. The Hindu Times
4. Hung In A Bad Place
5. Go Let It Out
6. Columbia
7. Morning Glory
8. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
9. Little By Little
10. Cigarettes And Alcohol
11. Live Forever
12. Better Man
13. Wonderwall
14. Born On A Different Cloud
15. Acquiesce
16. Force Of Nature
17. Don’t Look Back In Anger
18. Some Might Say
19. My Generation
20. Little By Little-Conan O’Brien Show 2002
21. Sunday Morning Call-MTV Europe 2002

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