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Oath -Legion lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 200 copies

Oath is the personal project of Scottish heavy metal band Tantrum’s guitarist Steve Waddell, which will enthrall and delight any NWOBHM fan. There’s so much authenticity here to the sound of that golden-era of metal, you won’t question when this charming EP has been made, it just sounds straight out of that burgeoning scene. Sometimes, artists have to take it on themselves to produce something devoid of the over-production and input from others in their bands, the very attitude of “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. Steve has done exactly that here, taking the role of all-players and even helming the technical side of things; giving this EP a home-made, lo-fi quality. This is something that shouldn’t deter listeners; if you’re a fan of NWOBHM, I believe you have long accepted this sound, as I have, and it doesn’t hinder your listening experiences in the slightest. I can compare Oath’s sound to NWOBHM bands like Gorgon or Magnesium (both from Japan), who know fully well what creates the magic within songs from this time period; catchy rhythm riffs intertwining with cleverly arranged vocal melodies, interesting resolutions to highly anticipated phrases, and melodious solo-work with an ear for harmony with balls. So all in all its a complete time warp. Like a lost NWOBHM group that cut two 7 inches that you just found about.

Track list:
1. A Dream Of Solitude
2. Legion
3. Cry Of The Wolf
4. The Carpathian

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