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Obituary -Cause Of Death Live Infection lp [red]


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Blood red vinyl

Death Metal legends Obituary unearth Cause Of Death – Live Infection. Celebrating the influential band’s landmark records, this show was recorded by Odd Life Studios and mixed by long time producer Joe Cincottae. One thing that will amaze you is how good this sound. So even if you love the album in the original form you will enjoy this one. Obituary’s legendary record performed live in its entirety. Its really shows that Obituary is one of Death Metal’s most ripping and unrelenting bands.

Track list:
1. Infected
2. Body Bag
3. Chopped In Half
4. Circle Of The Tyrants
5. Dying
6. Find The Arise
7. Cause Of Death
8. Memories Remain
9. Turned Inside Out

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Relapse Records

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LP7509R / RR75091

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