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Obscurus Orbis ‎–Secundum Artem cd


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Obscurus Orbis is a Latvian medieval folk viking metal band from Jurmala. Their second album Secundum Artem was released in 2015 and it contains various medieval and world music melodies which is characteristic for the group. Medieval music mixed with metal that features raushpfeife’s, flutes, irish bouzouki and other string instruments, drums and percussion and also seven different bagpipes and one of the most unique medieval instruments, the hurdy-gurdy. So listening to Obscurus Orbis is not only an interesting and fun listening its also a history lesson of musical instrumentals.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Oro Se Vie
3. Kost Ar C’haot
4. Le Bouillon
5. Skudrinka
6. Totentanz
7. Collaudemus
8. Heiduckentanz
9. Jääkaru Tants
10. The Gael
11. Div Dujinas

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