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Oceanwake ‎–Earthen cd


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After two successful European tours, Oceanwake set out to write the final part of their ambitious trilogy of albums. The closing chapter, titled Earthen, consists of two lengthy and dynamic compositions, clocking in at over 20 minutes each. Even though both of the songs bear the Oceanwake hallmark, one shouldn’t be surprised to find the band once again visiting new, strange and unexpected territories. To tie the album with it’s predecessors musically, some unused fragments from Sunless sessions were given a new form inside these two meandering but naturally evolving epics. On Earthen, Oceanwake continue their fruitful relationship with producer Jonne Järvelä (of Korpiklaani fame).

Track list:
1. A Storm Sermon
2. In Amidst the Silent Thrones

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ViciSolum Productions

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VSP 102