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Ofermod -Mysterion Tes Anomias lp [Ned]


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Very rare Norma Evangelium Diaboli press with 8-page booklet and poster

Chaotic demons of impurity spew forth from the Swedish cult known as Ofermod. For those who havent heard this unholy band before, this is black metal the way it should be. Much like their label mates on NoEvDia, this band takes what Mayhem set to create and expands on it in a truly evil way. This mini cd is an essentially compilation. It contains the only four tracks the band has ever released. The first two are from the 1998 vinyl single and the second two from the 2004 demo tracks. The first track opens up with some eerie atmosphere, and then explodes into madness. Ofermod takes the best of Mayhems DMDS and allows that demonic atmosphere to be conjured up. Riffs that are actually catchy and memorable cut over quick drums. This is the longest song on the album, but doesnt ever get boring as the song arrangements are clever, as are the riffs. Unholy vocals spew forth chaotic lyrics. The next track has a fantastic intro riff and will be permanently etched in my head. The last two tracks are taken from a 2004 recording. The style is essentially the same, very orthodox for lack of a better term. Khabs Am Pekht is powerful and dark, though a bit more violent and less atmospheric. The second song is a tribute to old black metal. It is still a great track and sounds like Ofermod mixed with the A blaze in the northern sky album by Darkthrone. Fans of Malign, Funeral Mist etc will eat this up.

Track list:
1. Mysterion Tes Anomias
2. Chained To Redemption
3. Khabs Am Pekht
4. Rape The World

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N.E.D (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

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