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Ogre ‎–Megacopter lp


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Black vinyl. Limited numbered 300 copies

Recording under the Ogre moniker, Robin Ogden has been composing evocative synth-heavy soundtracks for games, movies, and literature since at least 2012, and doing so at a feverish pace. A good deal of Ogre’s output consists of ominous, aggressive synthwave like the Megacopter soundtrack. Which isn’t a bad thing. Like Makeup and Vanity Set, Ogden knows how create driving soundscapes that sound retro (via shades of Vangelis, John Carpenter, and Tangerine Dream) without ever sounding like a shameless retread or pointless exercise in nostalgia. This is an amazing soundtrack and when you play the soundtrack you experience the video game itself in your mind

Track list:
1. Blades Of The Goddess
2. Reptoids
3. Blood Lust
4. S.C.U.D.
5. AZ-Tech
6. Ive Incoming!
7. Obsidian Butterfly
8. Boss Fight: Reptoid Copter
9. Air To Surface
10. Hunter

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