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Old Mans Child -Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion pic disc


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Old-Mans Child third opus Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion was produced at the Sunlight Studios. The record is above all a misanthropic attack on your senses, it wants you to die and the world with you. This may sound stupid, but look around you and there may be some sense in it. The record sheet states that the lyrics are written while recording the album, while I’m not that big Satan fan, I find the lyrics to fit the music. It’s all about the downfall of man, how we are setting our own trap and fucking our heads until we finally push the button. This record says push the button, I will be stand smiling. One this album Galder (Thomas Rune Andersen) also known from Dodheimsgard and Dimmu Borgir recorded everything except for the drums that were handled by the drum master Gene Hoglan from Dark Angel, Testament, Death and many more.

Track list:
1. Towards Eternity
2. The Dream Ghost
3. Demoniacal Possession
4. Fall Of Man
5. Captives Of Humanity
6. My Evil Revelations
7. The Servant

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