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Omicida –Sacrifice The Bastard Son cd


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Omicida is a modern-day thrash metal band founded in Los Angeles in 2014 by Benediction, ex-White Wizzard, ex-Monument drummer Gio Durst. The band does not try and re-invent the wheel and they wear their influences on the sleeves while adding their own unique flare with their extreme precision and break-neck, dual-guitar shredding. The band released two self financed cd albums, Certain Death (2015) and Defrauded Reign (2019) before getting a record deal. Their third full length installment dubbed Sacrifice The Bastard Son was released in the summer of 2023. The album delivers a frenetic and dizzying array of speed and technicality, while maintaining a crushing groove with melodic hooks. Not only will thrash metal fans recognize the style of the music but also the cover artwork as it was created by Mario Lopez, well known for his works with bands such a Toxik, Sabbat, Vektor, Bloodrocuted, Devastation Inc., Hyades and other thrash metal acts

Track list:
1. Sacrifice The Bastard Son
2. Headbanger Warning
3. Hunt For Flesh
4. Immortal Violence
5. Claustrophobic Disease
6. Imminent Death
7. Seven Headed Snake
8. Awakening Darkness
9. Vengeful Justice
10. Satanic Rebirth

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