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Omnizide – NekroRegime lp [white]


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White vinyl with insert and poster. Limited 200 copies

Known previously as Belsen, Omnizide are a black metal band from Sweden, releasing their second full length album, “Nekroregime,” a bone crunching experience not for the faint of heart, touching the very core of those places better left unnoticed in the corner of our brain; the references to murder, death and just the plain destruction of everything that exists as a manifesto of power and that insane hunger that erupts in the twisted mind once that first taste of human blood appears. The work represented by the band members and specially the vocals over a crafty production make this record something worthy of recognition and the identification of the elements necessary to obtain a strong fan base all over the world as the one that I am sure the Swedish musicians already count on in their native country. With a look depicting a force to be reckoned with, Omnizide cast a shadow over the conventional way of approaching Black Metal and decide to fuse over with more Death Metal like resonances and echoes while still managing to complete the mission of releasing an album lacking any monotony and obtaining a full-on sense of energetic malignity very few times seen within the genre, at least by yours truly. “Nekroregime” The song that gives title to the album, is a massive display of the bands maturity and the fusion of Black and Death metal, and add up to a unique and personal style that engorges with a rise of demonic entities emerging right out of hell to crawl into your ear with an atmosphere created in order to make yourself feel trapped in a horror movie in constant pursuit by a crazed serial killer in the middle of a Nordic forest like in the song “Shockwaves” the next to last song in this record, maintaining an impeccable pace ever since the beginning of the “Nekroregime” ever to the very end when the sound of the bells appear as they did in the beginning.

Track list:
1. Himmelstrasse (330ft)
2. The Return Of The Loving Dead
3. Walls Of Flesh
4. Doomsday Revelations
5. Deathwomb
6. NekroRegime
7. Nekromantik
8. Shockwaves
9. Devil In Me

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Carnal Records ‎/ Daemon Worship Productions

Catalogue Number

CRLP027 / DWP059

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