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Onslaught –Skullcrusher lp [splatter]


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White and red splatter vinyl with gatefold cover

With Skullcrusher you get the full package from the early history of UK thrash pioneers Onslaught. This compilation package will include tracks from the band’s first four studio albums, Power From Hell, The Force, In Search Of Sanity and Killing Peace as well as two demo early demo tracks, The Shadow Of Death and The Black Horse Of Famine.

Track list:
1. Visions Of Our Future-from The Shadow Of Death
2. The Black Horse Of Famine-from The Shadow Of Death
3. Thermonuclear Devastation-from Power From Hell
4. Skullcrusher II-from Power From Hell
5. Fight With The Beast-from The Force
6. Let There Be Death-from The Force
7. Lightning War-from In Search Of Sanity
8. In Search Of Sanity-from In Search Of Sanity
9. Pain-from Killing Peace
10. Destroyer Of Worlds-from Killing Peace

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