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Oppressor –Agony cd


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Very rare original 1996 press

Chicago death metal band Oppressor was formed in 1991 by bassist/vocalist Tim King and guitarist Adam Zadel, who went on to add guitarist Jim Stopper and drummer Tom Schofield. They quickly recorded two demo tapes and got a record deal. However the label went bankrupt after the release of their debut album and the band signed to another label for the release of their second album, Agony, in 1996. Agony features much more structured compositions and improved production compared to their debut and their fan base grew and they were offered the opening slot on Cannibal Corpse’s American tour. Fans of technical death metal should check this out. When the band fell apart in 1999 most of the members continued with the alternative metal side project Soil.

Track list:
1. Gone
2. Suffersystem
3. In Exile
4. Passage
5. Valley Of Thorns
6. Re-Define
7. Sea Of Tears
8. I Am Darkness
9. Carnal Voyage

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