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The Original Jazzy Jay ‎–Cold Chillin In The Studio Live MC


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A compilation made by the legendary New York Dj and producer John Lawrence Byas alias Jazzy Jay. This was made to raise the profile on Bronx N.Y. rap acts. This is a mixed compilation, some tracks shows how hip hop used to be done but there are also some downrighht atrocious tracks. A good production, as expected by Jazzy Jay. The group MobVersa later changed name to Kemelions.

Track list:
1. Ultimate Force -Im Not Playing
2. Nu-Sounds Featuring Papa Jam -Yo Stupid
3. Tony D. -Back To The Lab
4. D-Ice -So Def Am I
5. Jazzy Jay -Do What You Gotta Do
6. Raheem -Im The King
7. Ice Cream Tee / Tony D. -Keep Hushin
8. MobVersa -Def Is The Status
9. Nu-Sounds -Condition Red
10. Outlaw Gangster -The Joke Is Over
11. Def Duo -You Gotta Believe
12. Grandwizard And The Freaks -Grand Wizard Theodore

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