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Overkill -Taking Over lp


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2021 re-issue on black vinyl with printed innersleeve

After hitting everyone with their groundbreaking debut album ‘Feel The Fire’ back in 1985. Overkill entered the studio again to release another punishing slab of thrash as a follow-up. Here Overkill starts to leave their speed metal influences behind and to focus on the thrashing. Still, there are some speed metal numbers to be found here, like: ‘Fear His Name’ and ‘Deny The Cross’, both of them possessing overt speed and nice melodic passages. Blitz’s vocals here start to move away from his more melodic wailing style and towards his raspy and screechy trademark vocal style, which he would achieve on their following album ‘Under The Influence’. Bobby Gustafson here belts out reinforced and straightforward thrash riffs at the speed of light and quick and well-developed melodic solos in the vein of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. D.D Verni’s rolling bass isn’t as prevalent here as it would be on later albums and there are also lots of nice duel bass moments to be found here. This is the last album to feature drummer Rat Skates and while he is not as good as Sid Falck is, here he shows that he was capable of a good double-bass drum usage and he also does a nice job at pace-keeping. Conclusion: This album owns you, and therefore you should own it too. If you like to headbang to quality thrash, then go and get this now.

Track listing:
1. Deny The Cross
2. Wreckin’ Crew
3. Fear His Name
4. Use Your Head
5. Fatal If Swallowed
6. Powersurge
7. In Union We Stand
8. Electro-Violence
9. Overkill II

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