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Overkill -The Wings Of War dlp [green/pop up]


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2022 press on green vinyl with pop-up gatefold cover. Limited 491 copies

Overkill is one of the veteran thrash metal bands that are still successful, pick any era in their career and you will find a good album, in fact they barely have a bad album, from the debut all over the 80’s decade that yield their masterpiece albums and made them the great they are, to the 90’s when thrash was dying and through 00’s to 10’s decades they were always interesting and alive. It is not simple to find a band that active over 30 years and still on their top shape and release great albums. Everytime Overkill announce a new upcoming album i get excited, i have all their albums and know i can’t be disappointed, usually i prefer a longer gap between releases but with Overkill it is different. With an excellent opening track ‘Last Man Standing’ i know Overkill are here to do what they know to do the best, that sound i recognize from the latest albums, those riffs that sawing your brain until Blitz shouting with his unique voice, i know that i am going to enjoy, 51 minutes of treat to the ears and the body. I like all the songs but if i had to choose so top are: ‘Last Man Standing’, ‘Welcome to the Garden State’, ‘A Mother’s Prayer’, ‘Head of a Pin’ and ‘Hole in My Soul’. This album is a pleasure for the fans, once it ends you will remain with the desire to play it again. Any metal fan and thrasher should own it, Overkill are not disappointing and the album will be on top of this year releases for sure. Don’t waste your time, buy it and play it everyday

Track list:
1. Last Man Standing
2. Believe In The Fight
3. Head Of A Pin
4. Batshitcrazy
5. Distortion
6. A Mothers Prayer
7. Welcome To The Garden State
8. Where Few Dare To Walk
9. Out On The Road-Kill
10. Hole In My Soul

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