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Oversense ‎–The Storyteller cd


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Since formation in 2012; the German Oversense quintet have only one EP behind them entitled “Dreamcatcher” (released in 2014), and this debut album “The Storyteller” (released in 2017). The album opens with an atmospheric and scene setting intro that turns into the almost 8 minute long epic opening track Wild Hunt. This album has catchy choruses, addictive rhythms and a soulful voice of Danny Meyer. When this hour has passed you have enjoyed a nice ride packed with a bombastic power as The Storyteller is worth every penny for fans of symphonic power metal and hard rock.

Track list:
1. Forgotten Tales
2. Wild Hunt
3. Mr. Mackie’s Chase For Love
4. Purgatory
5. Sally
6. We’re Gonna Bring You Thunder
7. Phobia
8. Last Goodbye
9. The Heart Begins To Shiver
10. When The Undead Rise
11. Through The Panthers Eyes
12. Big Bang

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