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Ozzy Osbourne -Speak Of The Madman lp [marbled]


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Marbled vinyl with printed innersleeve

The Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland was one of the toughest venues in Western Europe back in the early 80s. Glasgow was a drinking town and a fighting town. Ozzy loved the town and had played there four times with Black Sabbath. Ozzy would play Apollo three times as a solo artist. The first one took place during the Blizzard Of Ozz tour in September of 1980, with Budgie opening up for him. When Ozzy brought his new band, including the late Randy Rhoads, to the Apollo it broke all records for the venue and the band played to a sold out crowd. Sharon Osbourne remembers the show in her autobiography, Extreme. “…we were all really, really nervous. In the days of variety, Glaswegians were said to be the most difficult of any audience in Britain, especially on a Friday night, which this was, when they got paid and got pissed. I didn’t tell Ozzy – he was nervous enough already, on and off the toilet shaking with stage fright. …..before the doors opened they were lining up round the block, and we were all in shock. The show was unbelievable. At the end, Ozzy knelt down and kissed the stage. “Thank you, thank you, I love you, love you,” he said, his voice breaking with emotion. And we all cried, the three of us: Ozzy, Randy and me, sobbing with tears of joy, and we could still hear voices from the auditorium calling for more…He had done it. He had fucking done it”. After the recording of the Speak Of The Devil live album over 2 crazy nights in New York City the band wanted to continue the Diary Of A Madman tour. It was called the Speak Of The Devil tour or Talk Of The Devil tour but the set list was pretty much the same as the Diary Of A Madman tour. The band returned to Apollo Theatre on the 19th of December of 1982, where this album is recorded, once again with Budgie as support. The band were now falling apart. Randy Rhoads replacement Brad Gillis and madman and bassplayer Pete Way both made their second last show with Ozzy this night. This show is unfortunately not complete. Brad Gillis had found his place in the band at this point and his self confidence had helped him improve his guitar playing with Ozzy. Goodbye To Romance is usually a a good example, too bad its not on this album. Ozzy would return one more time on the Bark At The Moon tour before the theatre was closed in 1985 and then tored down in 1987. Ozzy Osbourne felt so much for the place that when he was asked to do an interview on Scottish Television he said that he wanted the interview to be held in the empty disused site of the old building

Track list:
1. Over The Mountain
2. Mr. Crowley
3. Crazy Train
4. Steal Away The Night
5. I Don’t Know
6. Flying High Again
7. Iron Man
8. Children Of The Grave
9. Paranoid

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