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Pagan Altar –The Story Of Pagan Altar 1976-2007 lp


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Black vinyl with a 4-page booklet

The Story Of Pagan Altar is that of a once unknown proto-doom band formed in the late 70s who are now considered legendary. For the first time, the band’s previously unheard recordings are now available on this comprehensive, historic compilation. Within are rare rehearsals, demos and singles from 1976 onwards, in all their raw, unfettered glory.

Track list:
1. Liquid Gas –Narcissus Complex (1976)
2. Liquid Gas –Going Nowhere (1976)
3. Hydra –Toe The Line (1977)
4. Pagan Altar –Armadeus (1983)
5. Pagan Altar –The Black Mass (1983)
6. Pagan Altar –The Witches Pathway (1986)
7. Pagan Altar –The Aftermath (1986)
8. Malacs Cross –Moving On (1991)
9. Malacs Cross –Reincarnation (1991)
10. Pagan Altar –Walking In The Dark (2007)
11. Pagan Altar –Narcissus (2007)

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