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Pagan Rites / Vulcan Tyrant -Split mcd


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For 30 years Pagan Rites have been playing some of the most Satanic black metal ever heard on this side of the river Styx. Playing thrashing black metal in the style of the old masters such as Bathory, Venom and others, Pagan Rites are among the most sinister acts to have ever been exported from Sweden. If you thought the band had given up then think again. This split album features two tracks that Devil Lee Rot was working on in 2020. Added here is also two tracks from the Rotterdam based thrash metal warriors Vulcan Tyrant.

Track list:
1. Pagan Rites -Pain Of The Flesh
2. Pagan Rites–Sign Of The Horn
3. Vulcan Tyrant –Invocation Of The Lion-Headed Serpent
4. Vulcan Tyrant –Vexed By A Wicked Nightmare

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