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Pagandom -Hurt As A Shadow cd


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Swedish act Pagandom released a couple of demos and one album before they split up in 1996. The bands music has found its fans through the internet and the band were asked to do a reunion show at the Gothenburg Sound Festival and the response they got was overwhelming. The band were reunited two yeas later and added At The Gates/The Haunted member Anders Björler on guitar. Their 2016 album, Hurt As A Shadow, is a nice thrash metal album influenced by the style of Exodus, Forbidden and Heathen. Vocalist Christian Jansson, bass player for Grand Cadaver and Dark Tranquillity, does the vocals and he does it well trying to sound like a mix between Tom Araya and Paul Baloff. Fans of thrash metal should check this out.

Track list:
1. Forever
2. An Entity, A Ghost
3. Hurt As A Shadow
4. Behind The Words
5. Catapults And Trapdoors
6. Monochrome Vision
7. Breather
8. Not Of Diamonds
9. Bridges Burn
10. Terminal Narcissist
11. No Hope To Be Lost
12. Flooded City

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