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Paganfire ‎–Wreaking Fear And Death cd


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Philippines poseur-slaying thrash metal quartet, Paganfire’s debut album, Wreaking Fear And Death, is a beast of a thrash metal opus that are based on almost ten years of demo and split releases. For longtime followers and fans of Paganfire, this release was very much awaited and the original cassette copies of the album, took the international underground extreme metal community by storm. Wreaking Fear And Death is a 37-minute long offering and the first official cd release comes with 25-minutes of bonus materials which presents a live audio performance of Paganfire, that is just about all-out thrash fucking mania. But this is not the fun and mosh-friendly thrash metal record that you can find swarming the metal scene these days, oh hell no! This is the fucking annihilating primitive thrash metal record that hovers adjacent to the sound that Possessed had established in their career. You heard it right my friends, this album right here is in par with the proto-death metal music that had struck the 80s before. From the opening riff of the furious Bakal Sa Bakal, Laman Sa Laman track, to the ending of the smash-mouth material Durugin At Kayo’y Sumpain, this album is full-blown devastating thrash metal and it leaves little room for its listeners to catch up. The record is filled with remorseless hymns showcasing Paganfire’s significant songwriting, ability to manufacture some inexorable mid-paced to fast-paced riffs, relentless drum hammering, and a passionate vocal dispense in the vocal department that will get its listeners adrenaline pumping. A considerable quantity of catchy and powerful riffs is what filled this record’s 37-minute and 35-second running time. These razor-sharp riffs are all furiously executed and utterly fucking aggressive. It’s insanely ripping and it will make you want to go ape-shit and will certainly make you want to start to fucking bang your head in a manner where you won’t even care if you break it while doing so. Numerous astonishing and ear-splitting solos are also laid upon in the offering, scattered into the fiery moments of each material and inflicting its bone-chilling impact to those who dare lend an ear. The vocal department of the record where the delivery is in all respect fitting to the torturous and fiendish music of Paganfire. The vocal dispatch had consummately expressed sheer iniquity, savagery, and repulsiveness in an enthusiastic manner. If you share the same principle in extreme music with Paganfire then you will dig the production done in “Wreaking Fear And Death”, as it is in calibre with the primordial loud and raw as hell production of the 80s death/thrash metal innovators. I had always loved this method in the production area because it brings out that feeling of going on a ride around the torture pit of the ninth circle of hell. I have nothing left more to say about this detrimental and cataclysmic debut studio album. If you are a fan of Paganfire, then this is a release that you need to own! Everything that an extreme music enthusiast had come to expect from a repugnant to the mind band like Paganfire is present in “Wreaking Fear And Death”. The offering is harsh, crude, and an intense thrash metal opus.

Track list:
1. Bakal Sa Bakal, Laman Sa Laman
2. Obscure Syndrome
3. Power Elitist
4. Lust Possessed
5. Vermi, Wamas, Wormius
6. Much Of Madness More Of Sin
7. Filth Of Beliefs
8. Durugin At Kayoy Sumpain

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