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Paganizer ‎–Assimilated In Death cd


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In common with a number of other death metal bands, Paganizer is the brainchild of one Rogga Johansson. Given the changing line-up over the years, it would be fair to say that Paganizer is Rogga. To call Rogga a death metal legend would be massive understatement. Under various monikers, he has masterminded something like 5000 death metal albums so far, and still he ploughs on. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but over several projects, Rogga has been prolific for twenty years, with Paganizer the main outlet for his creative talents. This compilation album features rare EP and compilation tracks. Limited 500 copies

Track list:
1. Forever Erased-from The Portal EP 2016
2. The Flesh Dwellers-from The Portal EP 2016
3. Intro-from The Portal EP 2016
4. The Portal-from The Portal EP 2016
5. Bred By Demons-from the Bred By Demons split EP 2016
6. The Hammerhead-from the Bred By Demons split EP 2016
7. Of Horses Darkly Dreaming-from the Sherdil cassette 2016
8. Galloping Death-from the Sherdil cassette 2016
9. Hellbreed-from the Sherdil cassette 2016
10. Burn To Ride-from the Sherdil cassette 2016
11. Captor Of The Ancient-from Critical Mass Volume 2 compilation 2015
12. On A Gurney To Hell-Cadaver Mechanics Mix-previously unreleased

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