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Paganizer ‎–Bullets Reign mcd


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Paganizer, the Swedish death metal bombers, released this 5 song EP in November of 2020. 5-tracks blasts through these 5-tracks with speed and 15 minutes later its all over. These 15 minutes goes fast but they are all worth it. A couple of new tracks and two re-recordings of two old Terminal Grip demo tracks. Nor Rogga Johansson or Pagaziner should have to be introduced to anyone into death metal. The band has been going since 1998 and Rogga has now found a line-up that has stayed with him since 2015. Its this line-up that has created two of the bands best albums; Land Of Weeping Sould (2007) and The Tower Of The Morbid (2019) so if you liked those album then you should check this one as well as the band travels down that familiar path they started with those albums. Swedish death metal with a groove and some fat riffs

Track list:
1. Bullets Reign
2. The Punisher
3. Natures Bleeding
4. Religious Cancer
5. Devils In My Little Box

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