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Paganizer -Born To Murder The Filth cd


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Death metal legend Rogga Johansson has been prolific for over twenty years and Paganizer is his main outlet for his creative talents. The Born To Murder The Filth album from 2021 is a compilation album that features rare EP and compilation tracks and as a gift to the loyal Paganizer followers we also have two brand new previously unreleased tracks that opens the album. Out next comes the Bullets Reign EP that Paganizer released in November of 2020. Then we have a track from the Compiled Ammo and the track Soldier of No Fortune that first was released on the split single with the Australian act Heathenspawn. A track from a split with Master is out next and then it ends with the two songs from the split single with Wombbath. So all in all 10 tracks that with will blast through your speakers and even if they feel like they go to fast they will all be worth it. Anyone into Paganizer need this as the band travels down that familiar path they started with those albums. Swedish death metal with a groove and some fat riffs

Track list:
1. Born To Murder The Filth-previously unreleased
2. Cowardice Years-previously unreleased
3. Bullets Reign-Bullets Reign EP 2020
4. The Punisher-Bullets Reign EP 2020
5. Devil In My Little Box-Bullets Reign EP 2020
6. Vanans Makt-Compiled Ammunition 2020
7. Soldier Of No Fortune-Heatenspawn split 2019
8. The Second Portal-Master split 2018
9. Crustpeeler-Wombbath split
10. Disworld-Wombbath split

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